Online ASN.1 DECODER for BER, DER and PER Encoding

-----------------(TRIAL VERSION)--------------------

3GppDecoder offers online Decoding of UMTS, LTE and MAP of ASN.1 messages.
No installation is required.
Just supply your encoded hexadecimal data and get OUTPUT
in Tabular form along with binary bit field and text description.
Decoding Service of Pre-Defined Listed messages are free of Charge.

At present following Decodes are Offered for associated ETSI Documents

  • 3GPP LTE Decoder Version 11.4.0 ETSI TS 136 331 V11.4.0 (2013-07)
  • 3GPP LTE Decoder Version 13.1.0 ETSI TS 136 331 V13.1.0 (2016-04)
  • 3GPP MAP Decoder Version 11.8.0 ETSI TS 129 002 V11.8.0 (2013-09)
  • 3GPP MAP Decoder Version 13.3.0 ETSI TS 129 002 V13.3.0 (2016-04)
  • 3GPP UMTS Decoder Version 11.5.0 ETSI TS 125 331 V11.5.0 (2013-04)
  • 3GPP UMTS Decoder Version 13.1.0 ETSI TS 125 331 V13.1.0 (2016-03)

  • These Online Decoders are based on ASN.1 Interpreter developed by GUNSHI SHAH
    Allows source input same as Complier without Requiring IMPORT, EXPORT Statements
    Following Additional Features are Offered
    (1) Decoding of All elements as Defined by the ETSI Standards Document
    (2) Uploading of ASN.1 Information Element (IE) Definition
    allows new added element available for Decoding immediately.
    (3) Uploading of an Updated (New) Definition of an existing IE
    New Definition will be applied to all affected IE
    (4) Blank (i.e., No IE) for Custom (IE by User Input Only) BER/DER Decoder
    (5) Only TCAP IE for Custom (Additional IE by User Input Only)BER/DER Decoder
    (6) Blank for Custom PER (Unaligned) Decoder